Our narrative continues to evolve from the written word to the camera lens to visual and aural mediums of the large and small screen. It takes many minds to create art so it’s vital that our spirits engage and connect so that we can bring our collective stories to life.  It also takes knowledge and experience to bring a message to its intended audiences. But even at 25 years of telling tales large and small, our artistry moves us forward, adding to the collective of the human experience. Life is art and art is life in motion, so we continue to do that with everyone we meet and play with.  

Founded in 1994 by Mario & Rosalie Ortiz, the San Diego based production company continues to partner, produce and support all projects of the many visual storytelling mediums.

Services offered:

  • Conceptual development for commercial, industrial,
    documentary and feature films.
  • Camera packages & lenses large and small.
  • Camera support equipment from Steadicam to Jibs and dollies.  
  • Grip and lighting Sprinter van packages
  • Visual effects


Cinema Verde’s client list includes numerous leading local and national organizations such as: 5-Tallent Entertainment, Alpha Centauri Pictures, Atomic Productions, BBC, Concrete Productions, Deadliest Catch (Original Productions, Discovery Channel), Drama House, Dream A World Education, Passage Productions, Centers for Spiritual Living, Fox Sports, Gefrom Productions, The History Channel, KPBS, Pia Agency, Tall Grass Productions, Urban Legends, D Street Films, WECH TV and many Southern California producers and production companies.


Recent Work includes Ruta Madre, Dream A World, BTI, and Recruited. For a full list, view our IMDB page


Company Overview

Cinema Verde (formally Ortiz Film Works) creates powerful, visually-captivating video, film and multimedia products for the corporate, educational and entertainment markets. Over the years we have earned a reputation for crafting finely tuned, highly effective messages for a variety of target audiences. Our creative team represents a strong synergy of award-winning talent with training and experience in documentaries, broadcast television, corporate video development, and feature film production.

To ensure the highest-quality product and to maximize the impact on your audience we work closely with you and your creative team to assess your production’s needs, generate creative solutions, and distill the strongest concept approach. In short, we bring our expertise and experience together with yours to create the best possible production.

Cinema Verde speaks to the vitality and life force with which the organization nurtures its media products. It also reflects the cultural richness and diversity that serve as the creative soil for the organization’s many multi-cultural productions. The name is a play on Cinema Verité (Cinema of Truth). It represents the expression of essential truth that Cinema Verde maintains in its creative development: cinematic process that holds true to vision, true to heart, and true to artistic vigor. Through this process, Cinema Verde seeks a revivifying of mankind through creative expression.   ¡Viva la Verdad!